HMS Modules


Clinicareon is a Complete Hospital management Software. Clinicareon, Hospital Management Software, caters to the complete hospital requirements covering full functionality in patient entry to patient exit workflow.

Clinicareon Modules

Clinicareon is modular and is integrated hospital management software. All modules are integrated with each other through a central reporting module. The central reporting module caters to the overall MIS and Reporting for Management.

The significant modules are


Complete Outpatient Management catering to the outpatient functionality of your hospital. The significant features of the Outpatient module are as follows:

  • Patient Registration and visit management.
  • Patient billing and discount management based on the patient category such as self / cash, insurance or corporate/ government reimbursement.
  • Caters to complete patient clinical care and includes Complete Clinical tracking functionality and automatic Electronic Patient Record.
  • Definition of Outpatient doctors, doctor profile, doctor availability definition and fees details. Includes referral doctor definition and referral doctor management.
  • Fully integrated with the laboratory and pharmacy modules. Sends the ordered laboratory tests and prescriptions to the laboratory and pharmacy. Also raises alerts to the laboratory and pharmacy department personnel for timely care to the patients.
  • Supports multiple outpatient registration and cash counters.


Clinicareon has a Complete Inpatient Management Module that manages all your hospital inpatient functionality. The significant features are:

  • Patient registration and admission along with details of patient billing category.
  • Complete Clinical tracking and fully automatic Electronic Patient Record.
  • Built-in Ward Management and Nursing Station Management

Ward, Room, bed, ICCU availability and tracking of patient movements.

Clinical activity tracking and automatic updates to the Electronic Patient Record.

Automatic alerts for patient care instructions such as patient vitals tracking, medicine administration and diet ordering/ administration etc.

Facilitates tracking of material consumption and equipment usage and respective billing details.

  • Automatic Electronic billing

Significant functionality includes automatic billing for accommodation, laboratory tests and pharmacy/ medicines based on the patient billing category such as cash, insurance or corporate/ government reimbursement. Automatic recalculation of fees and others expenses when patient is switched from one billing category to another billing category.


Complete Outpatient Management catering to the outpatient functionality of your hospital. The significant features of the Outpatient module are as follows:

  • Laboratory module facilitates definition of laboratory tests, respective reporting elements, and standards together with the required consumables/ reagents/ chemicals.
  • Laboratory module supports fully configurable report layout functionality to suit your hospital requirements.
  • Laboratory module is integrated with Outpatient and Inpatient modules and receives any laboratory tests that are ordered in outpatient or Inpatient instantaneously.
  • The module gives visual and audio alerts to the laboratory personnel to attend patients in a timely fashion.
  • All the approved test results entered in the laboratory module can be viewed by the respective doctors/ clinicians automatically without waiting for the paper report.
  • All consumables including laboratory reagents and chemicals consumption is fully automatic with provision for definition of consumption and wastage standards.
  • The central reporting module is instantaneously updated with all stock consumption and laboratory activity details.
  • Facilitates/ supports external patients laboratory tests.
  • Facilitates/ supports outsourcing of laboratory tests that are not performed in-house laboratories. The results can be entered into the laboratory for patient record updates.


Complete pharmacy module with central and distributed pharmacy features. Pharmacy module has several internal functional units and the significant functional units are as follows:

  • Fully integrated with outpatient and inpatient modules.
  • All OPD prescriptions are readily available in Pharmacy without need to reenter from paper Rx.
  • Prescriptions can be selected to create sales bill resulting in enormous time saving and increased accuracy of medicine dispensation in the pharmacy.
  • All IPD prescriptions are readily available in Pharmacy either individually or collectively. Ability to group and consolidate IPD prescriptions ward-wise helps pharmacists in quick and effective dispensation of the medicines to the concerned wards.
  • Pharmacy module has its own stock tracking, ordering/ indenting and medicine receipt from wholesalers/ vendors functionality. This gives complete control on the pharmacy module.
  • Several other features including definable sales tax and tax rates and reports are supported.


Internal pharmacy module mainly caters to the OPD/ emergency care, IPD and OT modules to manage the classified medications. Internal pharmacy module functionality helps in conforming to the governing rules and regulations.


Operation theater module mainly caters to the scheduling of operation theaters, patient tracking, operation theater consumable management, accounting and Operation theater roster and notes.


Electronic Billing module is an important and fully automatic internal module of the Clinicareon, Hospital management software.

Electronic billing module is a versatile module with definable tariffs for doctor charges, accommodation charges for different accommodation categories such as different varieties of rooms, OT, ICCU and recovery units/ rooms and charges for different laboratory tests etc.

The tariff definition is easy to use and enables definition of different tariffs for services based on the tariff type such as self / cash, insurance, corporate and government reimbursements etc.

The module facilitates naming of services such as laboratory tests to suit the individual tariff categories. For example a certain test has to be differently named for different entities such as state government healthcare and central government healthcare etc.

However the hospital and internal lab may use a different name. Our billing and tariff management module enables this different naming convention for reporting and bill submitting processes while the ordering remains unchanged. This gives the benefit of your doctors and concerned staff working without change to their work habits while facilitating correct bill generation for speedier reimbursement/ approval from credit companies.

Electronic billing is automatic and charges are automatically updated to the bill without human intervention. Keeps track of charges and generates alerts to avoid later complications and tracks Accounts receivable.

Electronic billing includes a fully functional discount management system. The module ensures no loss of revenue and ensures no rejection of claims and helps in speedier payment from credit companies.


Clinical module is an underlying and integrated module in Outpatient, Inpatient, Ward management and Operation theater units. The module facilitates capture of all patient clinical data and recording of complete SOAP note of the patient. The module is flexible and can be configured to work with free form entries, itemized entries or both.

The SOAP note is instantly updated to the patient electronic health record / electronic patient record.

The module includes laboratory test ordering, prescription writing/ ordering that are updated to the respective modules automatically without human intervention. The results of tests and status of prescriptions can be viewed by the concerned doctors and clinical staff electronically without waiting from paper updates. These details are also updated to the Electronic Patient Record automatically and instantaneously.

The clinical module includes recording of diagnosis details as per ICD coding standards and includes uploading/ preserving of any previous paper records of the patient.


Diet and Canteen module is a comprehensive Diet management and additional canteen management module. The Diet management is completely integrated with Inpatient (ward and nursing station management) module. The Diet management receives any diet orders with specific diet details and special instructions instantaneously and helps the diet and canteen personnel to effectively cater to the requirements.

The canteen module is fully featured canteen management including functionality for staff, patient visitors and outpatient categories. The module has full accounting and trade features relating to the canteen management.


Facilities management is an integral and underlying module of Clinicareon, hospital management system. The facilities management module facilitates definition of your hospital facilities as they currently exist and as you add new facilities as your hospital grows.

The facilities management includes management of facilities such as wards, rooms, beds, operation theaters, laboratories etc.

The facilities module also includes definition, tracking and management of equipment including equipment status, movements and its maintenance.

All this can be effectively managed without the interference or need of a technically qualified resource.


The Clinicareon, hospital management software, is fully secure with role based access. This ensures highest safety and confidentiality of the sensitive patient data and important hospital data.

The System security and administration module facilitates definition of security access roles, responsibilities and helps define the various commonly used hospital functional units.


Central Management module is the connecting module of all the functional units of the software. The module has complete detail of every activity and transaction of the hospital managed through Clinicareon, hospital management software.

The module provides Managerial Reports to the Hospital Management and helps in decision making and effective management.

These individual modules are designed to cater to the individual module level requirements including operational and MIS/ Report requirements.