Key Benefits of HMS, Efficient Patient Care

Key Benefits

The Clinicareon, hospital management software/ HMS, offers several benefits spanning all functional entities of your hospital including clinical and commercial / non clinical operations. The significant benefits of Clinicareon are as follows:


Clinicareon manages the end-to-end clinical requirements of the hospital. In Clinicareon data/ information flow between various clinical entities such as Patient care (OP, IP), Laboratories, Pharmacies, Ward Management etc., is automatic. Clinicareon captures all required clinical details of a patient and preserves the same permanently. Clinicareon generates the Electronic Patient Record automatically and all relevant clinical details are updated to the Electronic Patient Record instantaneously.

Clinicareon automatically routes the ordered laboratory tests and prescriptions to the concerned laboratories and pharmacies respectively. Clinicareon generates automatic alerts to the respective staff about the new orders and prescriptions. This results in an increased quality and timely service to the patient.

The approved laboratory results are accessible by the doctors/ clinicians electronically without having to wait for the paper report. Similarly the status of prescription statuses and refills can be accessed by doctors/ clinicians electronically. This saves time, removes redundancy and errors besides helping eco friendly hospital environment.

Clinicareon supported automated patient care follow-up reminders and readily available clinical data relating to the patient care helps in catering to the patient quickly and effectively.

In addition to helping hospital personnel to manage patient care effectively, Clinicareon also Facilitates performance management of healthcare professionals and resources. Serves as a motivational tool to human resources and helps to optimize resource utilization. Clinicareon facilitates timely availability of information and MIS to support decision making and effective management of hospital policies and processes.


  • Improved attention and monitoring of patients resulting in improved service to the patient.
  • Complete patient record is available electronically and is available anytime to the concerned personnel. This result in providing care to patients, who forget to bring their record with them to the hospital.
  • Accurate billing with support for detail and summary bills.
  • Facilitates speedier processing of credit/ insurance claim processing and patient discharge.

Clinicareon automates most of the laborious and error-prone billing entries. These entries are automatically calculated after applying the rules governing patient billing and are automatically updated. The underlying Electronic Billing module spans the entire activities of the hospital and ensures the billing is accurate.

Ability to define credit companies with corresponding plans, tariff facilitates speedier processing of credit bills. The Electronic billing addresses all the pain points of Insurance, Government/ Semi Government, Corporate and other credit companies billing. The billing module is updated with respective transactions in timely fashion and helps in speedier inpatient discharge.

The Electronic billing of Clinicareon provides various alerts and warnings to the operating personnel ensuring the Accounts receivables are correct and the time of Accounts Receivables is short.

Clinicareon billing system while is robust also is flexible and adapts to your operating environment.


The financial management in hospital is more than just the billing. Clinicareon in addition to its robust and flexible billing module also has functional entities that help hospital financial management. The significant functional entities that help in financial management besides electronic patient billing are:

  • Automatic stock updates in laboratory. All laboratory consumables are accounted based on the consumption standards. The stock entries goes to the minute level of consumption vis--vis the performed tests and standards. All this happens without need for any human entry into the computer system and is based on the one time definition of consumption standards/ parameters.
  • Automatic accounting of Pharmacy stocks. Clinicareon supports single and multiple pharmacies with unlimited counters. Clinicareon automatically accounts the stock ledgers of the various medicines/ items in the pharmacy.
  • Besides laboratory stocks, pharmacy stocks, Clinicareon manages the stock and inventories of material consumption in wards, material and medicine consumption in operation theaters resulting in overall accurate stock.
  • Clinicareon includes a complete purchase management system including but not limiting to price contracts, purchase agreements, purchase orders with multi-tiered approval system and snap purchases. This facilitates an optimal purchase control and effective purchase management.
  • Clinicareon facilities management includes management of equipment, which includes equipment condition, status of warranty, maintenance contracts and tracking of maintenance schedules.
  • Clinicareon has inbuilt HR system that includes payroll management, advances and loans management.
  • Clinicareon supports multiple front office cash counters, back office accounting and billing, discharge counters, pharmacy and laboratory counters. Clinicareon is flexible and can be configured to collect laboratory fees at different counters while updating the payment status against the respective tests immediately on receipt of payment.

To summarize Clinicareon ensures correctness of clinical, billing and accounts transactions. Clinicareon Improves cost control, improves inventory and supply chain management. Clinicareon facilitates financial and inventory reconciliation with drill down to the transaction.


  • Develops capacity of the health staff to better deal with health information systems, health indicators and targets resulting in achieving the overall goal of high standard services to the patients.
  • Brings in rationalization of data collection and efficient management of data and information transformation.