• Enterprise Hospital Management system - Clinicareon
    Complete Hospital Management Software
    Electronic Billing for OPD, IPD, Lab, Rx & Others
    Instantaneously updated Electronic Patient Record
    Automatic routing of Lab Orders and Prescriptions
    Alerts for Important Clinical and Non clinical units
    Automatic and Instantaneous Stock updates
    Immediate availability of Electronic Lab Reports to Doctors
    Suits large, medium to small hospitals
    Easy to Learn and Easy to Implement
    Free software upgrades & Support
    Hospital Management System- Clinicareon
  • Modular Hospital Management System
    Evolved from:

    Practical Hospital Management Experience

    Doctors Advise and Our Technology Expertise

    Clinicareon brings you the computing power using integrated workflows.
    Easy to Learn and Easy to Implement
    Keeps you in complete Operational Control
    Web Based Hospital Management System
  • Hospital Management System in Hyderabad
    State of the Art Technologies
    Integrated Workflows
    Large & Medium Hospitals
    Single Specialty to Multispecialty
    Primary care to Tertiary care
    Clinical & Non clinical alerts
    Optimal Resource Utilization
    Operational Control
    Quick ROI
    Best Hospital Management System

Clinicareon - Complete Hospital Management Software

Clinicareon is a Complete Hospital management Software. Clinicareon, Hospital Management Software, caters to the complete hospital requirements covering full functionality for patient entry to patient exit workflow.

Clinicareon is modular and is integrated hospital management software. All modules are integrated with each other through a central reporting module. The central reporting module caters to the overall MIS and Reporting for Management.

Clinicareon, complete hospital management software, is fully featured and caters to all your hospital requirements spanning full hospital functionality. Clinicareon eliminates the use of different software packages / software products to manage different functional units of your hospital.

News & Updates

September, 2016.
Noble Hospital, a Chennai based Multi-Speciality Hospital starts trial implementation of Clinicareon - Hospital Management System.

June, 2016.
Leading Gastro Surgeon Dr. AnandaKumar's, Ananaya Gastroenterology Hospital starts trial implementation of Clinicareon - Hospital Management system.

May, 2016.
A Trichy, TN based multi speciality hospital has started production implementation of Clinicareon software.

April, 2016.
A multi speciality medium size hospital in Hyderabad has started trial implementation of Clinicareon software to manage their hospital.

August, 2015.
Workshop on Effective Hospital Management-Role of IT and Software Organized jointly by Inforaise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Madurai Kamaraj University on 30th August 2015 at Madurai, Tamilnadu.

Clinicareon Modules

The significant modules are

Laboratory Module


Complete laboratory management module with capability to define and manage unlimited number of laboratory types, tests and reports. The module has inbuilt indenting and automatic stock consumption, tracking and stock management features. The module is fully integrated with outpatient, inpatient and ward management modules. Automatically receives the ordered tests from respective departments. Generates audio-visual alerts to the personnel for timely care to the patient. All approved report results are automatically and instantaneously available to the concerned doctors/ clinicians without need for paper reports.

Pharmacy Module


Complete pharmacy module with central and distributed pharmacy features. Pharmacy module is fully integrated with outpatient, inpatient and ward management modules. The prescriptions from respective modules are automatically and instantaneously received. The prescriptions serve as base for sales thus resulting in increased accuracy and enormous saving of time. The module has indenting, purchase and tracking functionality ensuring the optimal stocks are maintained and inventories are accurate.


Internal pharmacy module mainly caters to the OPD/ emergency care, IPD and OT modules to manage the classified medications and consumption of medicines/ material in operation theater, ICCU and wards.

Diet Module for Hospitals


Diet and Canteen module is a comprehensive Diet management and additional canteen management module. The Diet management is completely integrated with Inpatient (ward and nursing station management) module and HR module.

Facilities Management Module


Facilities management is an important module of Clinicareon, hospital management system that helps in scaling up of the system as your hospital grows. The facilities management module facilitates definition of your hospital facilities as they currently exist and as you add new facilities as your hospital grows. The facilities management includes management of facilities such as wards, rooms, beds, operation theaters, laboratories, equipment etc.

Administration Module


The Clinicareon, hospital management software, is fully secure with role based access. This ensures highest safety and confidentiality of the sensitive patient data and important hospital data. Further Clinicareon is highly configurable. The configuration helps in making the software work to your exact requirements without technical dependencies.


  • The modules are designed to cater to the individual module level requirements including operational and MIS/ Report requirements
  • Clinicareon, Complete hospital management software, has evolved from Practical Hospital Management Experience, Doctors Advise and Our Technical Expertise.
  • Clinicareon is a fully featured Hospital management application for large and medium size hospitals, hospital chains and doctor office/clinic conglomerates.
  • Clinicareon is doctor and patient centric, caters to the complete hospital requirements covering full functionality in patient entry to patient exit workflow.
  • Clinicareon, complete hospital management software, with its State of the Art Computing techniques removes operational inefficiencies and is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Clinicareon, Hospital Management Software/ HIS, has built-in completely integrated workflows and automatic data/ information updates between hospital functional units.
  • Clinicareon readily provides reliable and accurate data / information on any functional unit of the hospital to the hospital management and stake holders of the hospital. With its completely integrated and automatic updates Clinicareon, the complete hospital management software, helps hospital management in decision making and providing effective care to patients.
  • Clinicareon, Complete Hospital Management Software, implementation improves overall efficiency of the hospital's healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.
  • Clinicareon effectively addresses different pain points in day-to-day operations and MIS reporting and keeps hospital management in complete operational control.