Hospital Management Software

Clinicareon - A Product of Inforaise Technologies Pvt. Ltd., ( a Global Software, Back Offices Services Company.

Clinicareon, complete Hospital Management Software is the product of Inforaise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Inforaise Technologies is global software, back office services and software products / Applications Company. Inforaise has been offering quality and cost effective solutions to its global customers since its inception in 2000.

Inforaise, with its vast experience in hospital management domain and its commendable technology expertise in web technologies, has ventured into development of Clinicareon, Hospital Management Software to offer a ready to use, complete hospital management software. Clinicareon is designed and built to suit hospital of varied size and scope. Clinicareon caters to the full functionality of primary care to tertiary care hospitals with the same effectiveness.

Inforaise Technologies being an experienced and committed technology company always upgrades the Clinicareon application to stay abreast with the emerging technologies. This makes the Clinicareon software work with the current/ latest technology and computer platforms without additional investment or work.

Inforaise has expertise in providing solutions to healthcare domain world-wide. We manage and support "Doctor Office Management software" with several installations in USA for our customer based in USA.

Inforaise leadership is experienced with strong management and technology skills. Inforaise Management team members have experience in leading companies and helping companies implement software for business effectiveness in USA and India. Inforaise has experienced technical team that is continuously trained to stay abreast of emerging technologies. Inforaise leverages the team management experience and technical expertise to offer products to its customers to achieve business goals.

Inforaise is listed by the prestigious IT Magazine in its' movers and shakers section for product development and service to customers. Inforaise is featured in Emerging SMEs in IT Cluster of Hyderabad by Dun & Bradstreet.

Inforaise helps its customers in effective implementation of Clinicareon software to achieve the benefits of the software in an effective time frame.